Happy Birthday!

On this day, 6 years ago, I launched Vortex Cannon!

In that distant 2014, I did not have any grandiose plans, I just started to do something new that I like! And as a result, over the past six years 11 games have been released, in which more than half a million people have played on various platforms.

I want to say thanks to all of you: to those who are with me from the very beginning, and to those who have just joined this adventure, who constantly help improve the game and do not forget about the bug tracker, to those who translate games into different languages, and there are already more then ten. Thanks to everyone who supports and leaves great reviews, who participates in contests and reads the news! You are all incredible!

Now I continue to support three of the games. This is of course the best game about the global epidemic – Last Man, and two games – Dare to Play 3 and PARTY 18 plus, which you can play with your beloved mate or even with a company 😉

Although Last Man is already approaching the release of the final quests, there are still a lot of exciting content waiting for you. Now I am working on two more new games. You could already try one of them – this is Red Pill. Most recently, I launched an update to it with new graphics and animation.

(Red Pill screenshot)

I can’t tell you about the second game yet, but I’m sure you will like it too!

(Unannounced project screenshot)

The events of Last Man and two new games will take place in one world! And thanks to cloud technology, the events and the quests that you completed will be reflected in the plot of other games. And you can look at everything on behalf of other heroes.

So the game does not end! New adventures await us!


15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Artyomka26rus says:

    С днем рождения! Спасибо за ваши шикарные игры!

  2. Charlespaul says:

    Congratulations for this success…

  3. FEDIA3 says:

    Спасибо за контент, с днём рождения!!!

  4. whatsup says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch, mach weiter so.

  5. Genci says:

    Happy bithday vortex

    1. 1006351427 says:

      Happy bithday vortex

  6. 17630104882 says:

    Happy birthy

  7. joanne says:

    Happy Birthday Vortex Cannon.. 6 years of Awesome and a bright, bright future ahead..

  8. dorisfucky says:

    congratulation, bravo!!! continue on making awesome adult game!

  9. Aleksey ReeN says:

    Глубокие поздравления;)

  10. 5196661 says:

    Глубокие поздравления;)

  11. 654755430@qq.com says:


  12. Hightuix says:

    You’re doing a fantastic job, it’s great to have spicy games with choices and rpg stuff in it. It makes your games really exciting. I love sandbox games with rpg and porn elements in it, and nothing is hooking better than last man I think. The plot is also really interesting and I love the fact that there’s still a solid story behind the porn. It’s very great, thanks

    1. Hightuix says:

      Also, did you ever think about maybe one day getting some of your games on Steam ?

      1. Vortex says:

        Thank you! Maybe in the future 🙂

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