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Hi guys! The update to one of our new game Mageroyal Academy is coming soon. New event, new features, cool gameplay and a new hero! Can you guess who? ;) Which one will be the next hero of the Mageroyal Academy? Redhead Brunette Rat Your option Write in the comment to the post.

On this day, 6 years ago, I launched Vortex Cannon! In that distant 2014, I did not have any grandiose plans, I just started to do something new that I like! And as a result, over the past six years 11 games have been released, in which more than half a million people have played on various platforms. I want to say

Hi, guys! ⠀ Well, the fight against COVID-19 in the world continues. And I will not tire of reminding you to listen to the recommendations of the WHO! And if you have quarantine, and you are forced to stay home, then to brighten up your time, how about to fully enjoy the best adult game about the global epidemic - Last Man? ⠀ A month

Hi everybody! This year will be many interesting updates and news. And I think that it will be great to start with some gifts. How about giveaway of Silver Level Subscriptions for International Women's Day? One of the subscriptions you can get on my Instagram account. You just need to follow me there and like the last post with information about the

New photo on this holiday, as well as some new features from the current development.The first of the features that I wanted to discuss with you is the changes in the events associated with the new system of hero's stats.After I deleted the previous system with skills, alpha points and randomness and replaced it with the created hero, many noted

Sometimes people ask me why this or that location become available in the public version at once, and some of them remain in early access for a long time. As one example of such locations, this is the hero's Base. Although about 20k of the most active public accounts have already got access to it, it still remains inaccessible to

I want to tell you about another important change in Last Man, which will be made in the next updates. It's about the skills and stats of our hero.The current system appeared in the game from the very first build. In it, you need to level individual skills, such as: lockpick, repair, stealth, etc., to interact with different objects in