Small talk

Hi everyone!

I thought hard and decided that to tell you more in detail what is happening in the world of vortexcannon.org, maybe even a little about myself, the ideas and the history of creation. So, almost during 4 years I have been doing all this. So, I will update this section regularly. Come check out the updates more often.

But I’ll start with general information. Maybe someone does not know, but I have Instagram, where I post my photos with the announcements of updates to the games. The same thing I’ll post in WeChat for players from China. For Russian-speaking players, there is a fan group in VK, where you can participate in the discussions of the game. And by the way, if you somewhere leading your own fan group about my games, write me and I will share a link with everyone!

Also I want to say that soon we will have chats where you can communicate with each other, help each other to solve puzzles, argue about the future events, discuss your wishes for the game and communicate with me on-line. But here I have a question – where would you like to communicate in discord, telegram or perhaps another messenger?

By the way, how do you like the poker tournament in the Last Man? Several recent updates to the game were devoted to this event. The game has a new mechanic, several beautiful girls, it’s almost a full game in the game 🙂 What did you like in the tournament? What would you like to change, or maybe add?

Waiting for your answers!

15 thoughts on “Small talk

  1. Tom says:

    In the Poker game there really needs to be a way to Raise without drawing new cards. Sometimes I am dealt a great hand right away and i want to bet more than $75.
    It also takes forever to win all $10,000 at $75 per hand. You might consider giving them less money or raising the base bet amount.

    1. Vortex says:

      I will make some changes to the tournament. But not perfect yet 🙂

  2. serg89 says:

    Скажи а не хотела бы ты добавить в игру себя ? …..в качестве пасхалки или боса ? …..фанатам будет приятно !

    1. Vortex says:

      Такая пасхалка есть – бонусная девушка-боец на Базе. Она активна у некоторых клубных подписчиков 🙂

  3. serg89 says:

    А сколько человек в твоей команде ? …..или ты сама разрабатывешь игры ?

    1. Vortex says:

      Играми занимаюсь сама. Некоторые люди помогают лишь с переводами игры на другие языки или занимаются поддержкой игры на других форумах, от такой помощи я не откажусь 🙂

  4. serg89 says:

    А не хотелось бы сделать игру за женского персонажа ? ……почему мужской ?

    1. Vortex says:

      По сюжету ни в Last Man ни в Red Pill девушка главным героем не подойдет 🙂 Но и там и там будут миссии за девушку.

  5. serg89 says:

    После релиза игры, как будешь поддерживать проект ? ……или займешься другой игрой ?

    1. Vortex says:

      Когда закончу с Last man, планирую платно заниматься Red Pill. Там будет очень интересная история 🙂

  6. serg89 says:

    Тогда такой вопрос …. а почему решила делать игры именно жанра эротический квест ?…..а не другого жанра ?

  7. enano85 says:

    Is it much to ask to make the scenes with some videos?

    1. Vortex says:

      Video is too much in MBs

      1. enano85 says:

        make two versions of the game, little version (no videos, for those who play in phones) and a full version (with videos or more hq pictures (or galleries)). I think you know that a lot of games have a little and a full version
        In this days mbs are not a problem (i play on PC), i m not telling you to do a 100 GB game.

        If the game becomes too much in GB you can start to do an other game, keep in mind that for old players is boring to do the game again and again becouse you make some changes.

        New people will come to play an excelent game and veterans players of Last Man, will have an other game to play and continuing supporting you if you do this.

        I have no idea how hard it is to do this (i m not a profesional in programming), but i think it would be a grate upgrade of the game and a grate advance for futures games

        In the gallery seccion (when you unlock the scenes) also you can add a larger gallery of the scenes to.

        Well, i hope my ideas as a customer help you to progress in your work.

  8. assim123 says:

    I would love a chat group on Whatsapp.

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