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Upcoming Hero’s Base updates

Upcoming Hero’s Base updates

Sometimes people ask me why this or that location become available in the public version at once, and some of them remain in early access for a long time. As one example of such locations, this is the hero’s Base. Although about 20k of the most active public accounts have already got access to it, it still remains inaccessible to the rest, since it’s not finished. And today I want to tell you what awaits this location in the next updates, before it becomes 100% playable and available to everyone.

Information for those who have not yet played in the Base. This is an additional mini-game in the Last Man. We receive the Base as a reward for the quest from the New Post. After that, during the game we hire girls (some of the main storyline heroines) and can send them to missions (including to attack the Bases of other players), where they receive experience, improvements and some rewards for the main character. All Base progress is tied to your account, and is not reset even if you start the game from beginning.

So, what lies ahead:

Girls. They will not only receive levels for the earned experience, but also increase their rank. This is currently planned at 5th, 10th and 20th levels. At these ranks, they will unlock additional abilities. Some abilities will speed up the execution of missions, some increase income or even get you additional items for the hero. There will be such abilities that will be needed in new, rare missions.

Missions. They will more closely overlap with the events of the game. And some quests and events can activate rare missions. For example, girls from the Dorm will ask you to find some item that is not available in their city. Or the New Post will ask you to find the new settlement of CARMA. Such missions will replace one of the default ones, and to complete them, higher-ranking girls will be needed. But the reward for such missions, of course, will be much higher than usual, and sometimes reveal additional details about the game world.

Multiplayer. At the moment, everyone has 4 regular missions and one PvP (against other players). After the updates, you can choose the mode in which you want to play – PvE or PvP. The mode can be changed, but not more than once a week. In PvP mode, the rewards will be more impressive, but if another player attacks your Base and you lose penalty will be bigger also. An additional battle mode will appear, where you can fight with another player, directly controlling your girls, instead of automatic simulations.

Items. There will also be more items that you can used in missions or leave them to remain on the defense of the Base. A separate cell will appear in the mission for them, so they will not occupy the girl’s slot. It will be possible to get them, as before, on the missions or during the main game in quests.

Seasons. In addition to choosing PvE or PvP, you can also choose whether you want to participate in the Season. In normal mode, you can level your girls as long as you want, until their development stops at the 20th level, after receiving all the ranks. If you decide to play in the Season, then the progress of the Base will be reset to zero, and you, together with other players, will be able to compete for the title best leader of the Base. In this mode, the girls will not have a limit on the maximum level. And at the end of the season, some of the players who managed to level the Base more than others will receive additional permanent rewards to their account.

  • almak81
    January 3, 2020

    in day 47 is says that tournament is described in day 53 and it os not

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