Who do you like more?

We just started to go deeper into the adventures in Red Pill, and there are a lot of beauties are already around our hero. Tell me who from those three girls you liked more and with whom you would like to see more content.

  • Strict but polite secretary Dana, her husband is not paying enough attention.
  • Spoiled by the attention of men, but ready for adventure – Alice.
  • Smart and funny, but at the same time a little naive Jessie.

If you still do not know who these people are, play my new game.

6 thoughts on “Who do you like more?

  1. SmokerN says:

    definitely Dana

  2. cynosural says:

    Yes Dana 🙂

  3. TitanSon says:

    Jessie>Dana>Alice ^^

  4. ModEleven says:

    Dana 1st one

  5. harmon024 says:

    1 vote for Alice :-*

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