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Your remarks and suggestions

Your remarks and suggestions

Hi guys!

You all know that every week I announce updates not only for the Last Man. Constant work is being done on improvements in the interface, the game code, the convenience of gameplay in all my games.

Despite the fact that the themes of games are clear for everyone – these are games for adults, with content is 18+. And for someone it may seem that it couldn’t be nothing new and interesting there, everything is predictable. But we know that this is not so.

And I suggest you to think, to sort out your secret desires and tell what you would like to see, what scenes are interesting to you for passing in games, what would you want to add to all the games of Vortex Cannon Entertainment. All your suggestions leave in comments to this post or send to me via e-mail I always consider all your suggestions and constructive criticism and try to make the necessary changes in the games, such way, that you would have interesting spending of your leisure time.

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