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May 2021

What's new in 4.20 (June pack)? We Share DLC updates New tasks for the game! More "Questions" for your opponent Bugs fixed Try something new with your couple this weekend ;) Click here to get more information or download this game. For whom this game? You are a couple of lovers who are together for a long time and want to try something new

In this build, Olga's storyline has received some fixes. Let me remind you that this girl was a secretary in our hero's office, but was replaced by another character. And now she will receive a completely new ending to her story. The localization system of the game has been changed. If you have done custom translations for yourself, then the files

You will find a lot of new things in this update. These are both new locations and new game mechanics. From past updates, you already know that Emma and Kevin are sent to find out why the students of the Academy freeze. In their quest, they will get to know the world of magic better, face traps and enemies. At the same

As you already know, Olga's place in the office was taken by another girl, with a new storyline. But at your request, we decided not to delete Olga completely, but to give her an interesting ending, which was invented by one of our players. Olga's story now begins at the office location, but after the start of the epidemic. This event