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February 2023

We have a lot of new things in this build. Several new scenes appeared at once, which continue the main storyline. It includes a return to the academy, a new lesson, a transformation mini game and a lot fan service with girls :) The academy Principal will also talk more about the stones that our heroes found in their first

Daring end of the party! Adults only! What’s new in 4.10 (February Pack): If two performers are indicated in the task, they will both gain or lose points for fulfillment or failure Now the game supports personalized instructions up to 4 people simultaneously in one task Improved task selection system for new rules A lot of new tasks for the game!

In this build, we started updating the PromZone casino in the first city of the game. The meaning of the game will remain the same as before in the strip game with girls, but we will add new events to this location. Initially, now only a few girls will be available for the game, and new more experienced girls will come

What's new in 4.92 (February pack)? We Share DLC updates New tasks for the game! More "Questions" for your opponent Bugs fixed Try something new with your couple this weekend ;) Click here to get more information or download this game. You are a couple of lovers who are together for a long time and want to try something new in your bed,