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May 2023

In this version of the game, there are numerous changes both in gameplay and internal mechanics. A continuation of the main storyline has been introduced. You will be able to visit the Scientific Center a hundred years in the future, with two different paths to explore. Additionally, a sandbox mode has been added to the Agency, where you can interact more closely

In this build, we updated the introductory scenes of some characters. They received new art and narrative adjustments. A new quest has been added in the Academy garden. It unlocks a fast way to move around the garden. To access this quest, you must first meet the librarian Jonesey and complete his tasks. New spells have been added for both heroes and

In this build, we have prepared the game for the launch of the DLC we have been working lately. Its events will tell you the story a little before the epidemic, and reveal some interesting details. But we will tell you more about it with the next update of the game. We have also added some quests and added new options