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June 2023

In the previous build, a bug sneaked in that caused crashes for some players. We have identified and promptly fixed it in this update. Although it was released well ahead of the planned schedule, it still brings some exciting new features. All NPCs now have a new marker above their heads if they have a conversation available for you. This way, you'll

In this build, we worked on various game UI systems and spells. We added talent branch descriptions for our characters with beautiful artwork. It is available when you haven't allocated talent points yet and will help you choose the direction in which you want to develop your characters. All Tier 1 spells for Emma and Kevin are now available. In this build,

We have launched an introductory event for additional content in the game - Countdown. It's a separate story that serves as a prequel to the main events of the game. It will showcase many interesting events that led to the catastrophe. Players will be able to explore familiar cities in the game before the epidemic. We will encounter numerous new characters