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What was in October

What was in October

Now I’m working on four games at once. I will sum up the results of what was done this month.

Last Man. This month, as usual, the game was updated every week. In particular, there was a public release, in which new locations from early access were added. In the game itself just a huge number of changes was made. The engine was significantly updated, the locations can now be made more interactive, adding more branches of dialogs. There were also new locations, and the continuation of events with girls already familiar to us. Some key story lines now have parallel ways of passing, for those players who have missed something, or decided to play differently. Added new languages ​​and updated translations.

Red Pill. My new game, which is still at an early stage of development. This month, the second teaser-version for Gold subscribers of the club was released. All the graphics were completely replaced, some new mechanics were added. The game will focus on the story, even more than Last Man, and I hope everyone will like it. But of course there will be beautiful girls too.

Dare to Play 3. The new part of this game for couples also received two updates this month. One of them with corrections of the found bugs, and the second – content update, with a portion of new tasks. Next, I plan to release a monthly update to the game, with new tasks and functionality. Try the game with your beloved, it will definitely add variety to your intimate life;)

PARTY 18. The game for the bravest. For a long time there were no updates, since I’m working on a new part of the game. I was planning to release the first beta version this month, but some problems were found during the testing. I think you can try this game in a couple of weeks (just the time to find a pair of open-minded girls or guys ;)).

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