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March 2023

In this build, several plot scenes have been added that continue the main quest line. You will be able to visit the secret organization from which Niels arrived. In addition, we have updated some of the secondary quests. You can find out how many secrets you have already found in the current build in the pause menu or at the end

This build includes urgent fixes. There was a situation where players could get stuck on the city map without the ability to continue playing, which occurred with a certain combination of quests. The game will forcibly update problematic builds. In addition to that, some gameplay changes were made: After the story escape from the first city, you now need to meet with

This build added a large portion of new content and functionality. The main storyline continues. After the lesson, where Emma and Dolores almost got into a fight, they were sent to the Headboy. But it turns out that he had a stormy night in the company of girls and he himself is now gone. Some other NPCs in the Academy also got

This build added a big entertaining event consisting of two scenes with a new girl. She will come to your home, after ordering in the Cleaning section of the store. I'll remind you that these events are no longer triggered randomly. And they can be replayed if you failed the first time. To do this, you just need to go to