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August 2023

In this build, Dana – the secretary from the office where our hero works – has received her own storyline. It seems that this hot lady is involved in an affair on the side. Will you take advantage of the situation before her husband finds out? The Agency's base has been expanded with new locations, including Niels's office, the one who

In this build, we have introduced a new gameplay mechanic - Love Stories. Our characters will be able to form relationships with some of the NPCs. These will be separate narrative lines, unrelated to the main events. The progress of your relationships will be preserved when starting a new game. We have also added a small quest that will teach you

We're continuing to expand the functionality of the DLC - Countdown. Improved location loading mechanism, added gamesave checkpoints, and map markers. We've introduced a new home location and several new places where you'll receive your first quests. Just a reminder, in this DLC prequel to the main game, you'll uncover the events that led to the "epidemic," encounter some of the