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December 2022

In the last build, we made a lot of changes to the gameplay. So in this update we have focused on fixing the bugs you found. Minor bugs and game freezes in some places have been fixed. Don't forget to report any errors you find via the bugtracker so we can fix them faster. But this is not all the changes that

In this build, we have added a new location with a Bar. It is filled with new NPCs, with their own stories, and a little later it will launch its own storyline with the performance of a local pop diva. You can get to the Bar by continuing the main quest of our heroes, or simply by using a Waystone in

In this build, we have slightly expanded the available events. There is a new location with two new girls. One of them continues the main storyline of the game. With the second one, only acquaintance is available. In the office you can find something interesting too. A new employee, Alice, has prepared a special surprise for our hero, right in the back

In this build, some changes have been made that are intended to improve the gameplay. So now the random city exploration feature will show you in advance if you can find something interesting. At such times, the game will display an exclamation mark on the city explore button. This will allow you not to waste precious energy on trips for nothing. This